Hi, sorry to being this here just don’t know where else to take it. I have been told I have quiet bad thrush and was told to use the pessary which I have done and to say I have in the past. However, one this occasion I have sever stomach cramps, pains in my back and bleeding (not just spotting) this has never happened before, is this normal? Thank you for any advice in advance
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I don’t think the bleeding is normal at all but you never know. I’ve had pregnancy thrush and it’s horrible. Plus the discharge is double the amount now. The pessary is okay but my pharmacist recommended me to take the oral fluconazole thrush tablet. He said it states online that you shouldn’t take when pregnant but it doesn’t affect the baby in any way. Pessary and cream is only recommended most due to the consistent research done on it. Tbh the fluconazole tablet clears all thrush from the inside out so your less likely to get it again. If your not comfortable get the soft gel pessary as the normal one given doesn’t melt as well and 9/10 the infection still there. You might also have a urine infection that common in pregnancy too apparently and it causes both belly and back pain x

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