My baby boy is 3 weeks old. We are breastfeeding and giving him formula currently however my milk supply has gone really low, i'm hardly pumping any out and i can't express any out either. Has anyone else stopped breastfeeding and carried on with formula? I feel really bad and that i'm a failure, that i can't supply it for my son but i have tried my best :(
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@Natalie Thank you for your kind message :) useful to know you're a health visitor haha. I have spoken to my health visitor today and have also been to see the paediatricians due to my babies breathing and they have advised about the milk too so feeling a bit more confident. Thank you x

@Sophie My baby wasn't latching on that's why we are doing formula and breast. I don't think it's unnecessary and have been told it's a good thing by my midwife and health visitor so to make sure my baby is fed that's what i will be doing :)

Stop the formula completely. There’s no need for it if you are breastfeeding. It may take a few days/a week or so to get your supply regulated again but it will be absolutely fine as long as you consistently put baby to breast for every feed. All this combi feeding stuff is unnecessary and often, not always, causes problems long term.

Definitely reach out to your health visitor or other infant feeding support. There are lots of things you can do to increase your supply again if this is what you want and you should be supported to do so!! Try doing loads of skin to skin, offer the breast to your baby first even if you know he won’t be properly fed fro mit (have the formula ready), try pumping between 1-5am as this is when your body makes the most milk, also try and breastfeed between these times. Also don’t be too disheartened by not expressing huge volumes. Your body knows the pump isn’t your baby and therefore won’t want to waste precious breast milk on a piece of plastic! Your baby will be able to get more milk out😊

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