Has anyone gotten flu and COVID vaccine at the same time? If so any symptoms after? Was this not recommended by anyone’s OB? Thanks!!
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Never gottton those vaccines and never will due to my personal reasons behind it. And it was Not recommended by my ob wasn’t discussed

I only got the flu vaccine and the tdap. I dont plan on getting the covid vaccine

Yes and it's great for reducing risk of spread and giving baby antibodies to boost their already fragile immune system . But especially get the TDAP vaccine as it can be deadly to newborns. No Reputable OB would recommend against them unless you are allergic or have medical conditions that would interfere.

I personally didn’t get either and my gynecologist never brought it up. I did get the tdap.

I got the tdap and flu, on different days, a few weeks in between them.

@Rebecca do you plan on getting Covid? Just curious :)

My OB doesn’t mention about tdap and flu or any kind of vaccine, I just mentioned it to her the tdap and flu shot because I saw it on Google that it’s recommended for pregnant, me and my husband mention it to her too about rsv vaccine, she said the tdap and flu vaccines are good because it’s been around in decades, but she doesn’t trust with rsv vaccine yet because it’s new. So I got the flu and tdap vaccine on the same day, I don’t have any symptoms aside from the muscle ache where the shots located. I’m fully vaccinated with Covid vaccine too, but there’s a new Covid vaccine now, it’s not a booster. So I guess I’m gonna ask my OB again for that new Covid vaccine.

@incognito I got the covid vaccine and booster before I got pregnant, they haven't brought up getting it again. So I probably won't get it during pregnancy (I'm 38 +3)

I just got the flu vaccine and COVID booster yesterday. Definitely feeling symptoms today. Probably gonna take it easy on the couch today. Doesn't mean you'll have the same reaction tho

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