Baby carriers - M leg position

Hey lovelies, what baby carriers do you all use/recommend? I’ve noticed the one I haven’t doesn’t have my little ones legs in the M position as recommended and he would rather be in here than his pram so want to make sure he’s comfy!! 🙂🙂
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Do you have a sling library near you? I’d go there and get them to help you with carriers and then you can try out a few different ones as well. I literally had no clue about them and they were so helpful.

Ergo baby 360. Can get them on Vinted for cheaper

Ergo Baby 360. I had baby Bjorn mini and noticed she rarely had an M position so I got the ergo

I have a tuck and bundle wrap which I love but can’t find at the moment. I use it around the house as opposed to when we’re out because it’s a pain to take on and off a bunch of times. When we’re out I mostly use the lalabu “wrap” carrier. Which isn’t technically a wrap but it’s soft and flexible like a wrap is. I also have an ergobaby carrier which is very structured. I used that when both my girls were too small for the others

Ergobaby Embrace is amazing

Joie carrier! It’s the only one that’s actually certified by the hip displasia board I believe so it keeps them in the perfect leg position. It’s a bit pricey but lasts until they are toddlers so worth it. You can wear them front/back and inward/outward facing

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