Anyone else’s 1 year old just whooping your ass??? This kid hits me and I don’t hit back bc I want to correct the behavior but he finds it hilarious when I say no. I try the whole giving him toys, putting him down, etc.
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my son smacks too and thinks it’s funny. i try to make eye contact and tell him not to hit, that it hurts. then i tell him to be nice and i let his cheek so he does the same back to me. sometimes he’ll stop hitting and sometimes he’ll smack again 😂 we’re still learning over here

My baby girl would do this, started biting with teething, and telling her it hurt or telling her to stop didn't work, I would set her down and tell her I don't want to be hit/bit, it hurts, and go about what I was doing for a moment before I picked her up again, and she has learned that hitting gets her set right down. I didn't know how else to communicate I wasn't tolerating it.

@Raquel yeah while at the dealership he smacked the hell out of me on my chest and the glare I gave him made him laugh…. He’s gonna be a bad ass lil boy 😒 I definitely try to remain calm but he pushes the limits everyyyyday 😂

Oh my daughter was doing this. I got a clap in the face on the bus to which I heard “oooooooooo” Anyways I’ve taught her “gentle hands” and now she strokes me 😂🤣 redirect n show her how to be gentle, hope it helps

@Lillian oh i am not ready for that 😅

Just make sure you’re calm when it happens. If you raise your voice too loud and make a big deal about it, they will think it’s funny and keep doing it. Be calm and say don’t hit, it hurts.

Noo😭😭but my daughter used to love biting and running off after laughing till one day I bit her back

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