Less kicking, more squirming? More Braxton hicks?

So I’m going to be 7 months pregnant as of tomorrow. I was told that the baby would start having a lot more regular kicking schedules, and I feel like maybe 2 weeks ago my little guy was kicking so much but now it’s more of a squirming around feeling here and there throughout the day… Also noticing more Braxton hicks (I think that’s what these are?) contractions… my husband and I were intimate this morning and my belly was rock hard for a while after. Had about two more contractions / hardening after that within the hour. Is this happening to anyone else??
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@Marisa so relieved to hear you’re experiencing the same things it should like!!

It’s so strange, it seems like as soon as I hit 28 weeks my movement patterns changed and I feel so much more squirming and shifting than actual kicking these days. I’ve also noticed the hardness and tightening occasionally and I just thought it was the baby balling up - so crazy to think it was probably Braxton hicks!

Yeah I just looked it up 😅 temporary tightness, localized to one spot, can be triggered by lots of exercise like being intimate or even by being dehydrated, and usually goes away relatively quickly. Mine stops if I rub it a bit or change positions.

That definitely sounds like Braxton Hicks. Doesn’t necessarily hurt but your belly is hard for a bit!

Oh interesting, now you've got me thinking. For a while now I sometimes feel like my baby is just balling up on the right side but sometimes it's so tight that it's really uncomfortable and verging on hurting. I haven't looked this up but I wonder if we can get Braxton Hicks on just one side? I haven't had that feeling all the way across

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