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Sorry if this has been answered before. Can anyone recommend a bump support belt? Ideally one that is comfortable for excercise? I've been trying to keep up the occasional short run and am finding my bump bounces alot and can feel sore after - apparently belts can help but I'm not sure which one to get as if I'm exercising in it I don't want to risk chaffage!
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@Rosie I’ve got the babygo 4 in 1 belt too, to help with dog walks. I wear it over leggings or at least over high waisted maternity knickers. It’s quite a scratchy material so on bare skin it’s uncomfortable!

I’m using secret saviours which helped mitigate stretch marks as well as support!

@Ashleigh do you put it over your leggings? Or under... I'm assuming over but thought I'd check 😂

I got the babygo 4 in 1 support belt as I was getting pgp and it was super pain especially when walking my dog etc. I use it when exercising (walking/yoga) and it’s really helped lift the weight of my hips and gives support

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