Tips for potty training my son

Side note: my husband and I have been trying to help/get our son potty trained for a bit now but nothing is getting his attention for him to want to try it. We got him a new seat that has stair attached to the potty seat from Amazon cause he got scared of his feet not touching the ground, but still no luck any ideas
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@Khyara Grammer-Bunn have the potty there when he’s going in the bath (water running) and encourage him to sit on it regularly. Let him see you going to the toilet, involve it in role play with teddies, give him lots of praise even if he just sits on it with his nappy on.

@Anna we have tried the Cheerio method and a few potty books

@Sarah he is two he’ll be three in march he’s gone a few times but it only before bed

You might look into other methods. I've heard good things about the becoming pottywise book and the tiny potty training book. What methods have you tried?

Maybe he’s just not ready yet. Try to follow his lead rather than trying before he’s ready, as you won’t have any success. How old is he?

he might not be ready, but also I found not giving my son screen time and leaving him on the toilet for a bit to be helpful. rewarding him afterwards, buying an actual little toilet for him while you go as well for he has some encouragement.

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