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My OB wouldn’t tell me if this is common or not (she tells me she’s very happy with the baby’s activity though, as a sign of physical health) but how much does your baby move inside the womb? I’m 35+3 and I feel like he hasn’t stopped since around week 25. He’s constantly moving - he hardly gets any rest. Before at least he used to rest up during the day (or maybe I wasn’t feeling the movement as much) but since we passed the 30 week mark I feel like he’s constantly moving, kicking, prodding, stretching, hiccuping etc. I have to admit I’m quite small (92lb before pregnancy and currently 112lb so maybe I feel every movement because there’s not much room or tissue around the baby to cover up the movement) but still…. Is this normal? How much are your babies moving and how are they behaving in the womb?
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My LO is almost constantly moving. I might get lucky and have an hour here and there where hes relaxing, but the rest of the time its all wiggles/kicks/hiccups

I’m most certainly not the tiniest person, but my little guy moves A LOT. We had our first non stress test today and he was moving so much that the monitors disconnected 3 different times.

Mine is moving 24/7 as well. During an NST the lady said well, I can’t even get a baseline heart rate on him because he hasn’t stopped moving! Everything about him is healthy though, maybe a little too healthy as he’s measuring in the 88-94th percentile😂

My baby moves a lot . I asked my dr of it was normal he said yes.

@Mari 🤣🤣🤣 I know exactly what you mean

I’m personally 220 and this is my 3rd child and my baby moves ALOT, you can constantly see the butt print, hands and feet. This has been the case with all my kids and it’s normal. I might add tho, my bellies aren’t big at all, I carry toward my back

Like I got 5 movements while typing that so I’m with you

Yep! I’m thin too and at my last appt my OB said something about “getting at least 5 movements an hour” and I almost SPIT out my water I was like FIVE?!! I’m definitely getting like 80 movements an hour consistently. I never go more than about 15 mins without feeling anything. Then when she’s awake she is AWAKE

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