Breastfeeding dysphoria??

Every time I try to breastfeed recently the second he latches on I'm just filled with dysphoric feelings and it genuinely makes breastfeeding miserable. It's not even like it's the biting cuz he is not always biting me it's just I really hate the feeling of breastfeeding all of the sudden. I don't know what to do, I've tried pumping but got the same result, I want to breastfeed my next baby who's supposed to be here in December but I just don't know how to get past these feelings. Any tips?
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I’m sure I’ve seen something which says a magnesium supplement can aid :)

These feelings are generally a symptom of letdown which is what happens when your milk comes in. It’s common to have feelings of nausea and low mood which is a result of the oxytocin changes occurring due to the let down process and change in hormones. Don’t worry it should pass after a few weeks.

@Genevieve thank you so much

@Alexandra McCauley thank you so much for the resource! I'll bring it up to my PCP when I have the chance to see what all my options are


@Madison better than ever, like life genuinely hasn't been better. Maybe financially struggling but still doing so much better overall that that's not much impact on me. And it's solely when in breastfeeding. I'm wondering if it's unresolved trauma or something?? Cuz it kind of feels similar to when I'm tiptoeing a PTSD episode but I can't recall anything traumatic associated with my boobs or anything, not to say that it'd be far fetched knowing my past, I just can't recall anything so it's weirding me out.

How are you feeling outside of breastfeeding? Maybe it’s from baby blues or PPD?

I can't say that I have been where you are, but perhaps talking to a lactation consultant or child health nurse may be helpful. Otherwise, have you considered a breast milk donor?

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