Going back to work (UK)

Does anyone know of any remote jobs that require little to no experience. I’m struggling to find anything and my youngest is only 4 months so I’m not ready to send him to nursery just yet. I’m desperate for a some extra money
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@Andréa that’s a good idea, I didn’t think of that

Check for cat sitting/dog walk-in in your area. May not be very often but that’s a few extra pounds you could make

Oh I’m sorry!! No friends to help? Try a crafty business, everyone loves personalised things atm!!

@Charis I’m a single parent and don’t have any family able/willing to sit with my kids. Otherwise I 100% would

Have a look at nighttime cleaning jobs. I had one years ago and my partner just stayed at home whilst I went to work. I only did a couple hours a night! Or nighttime bar work?

I’m in the same boat

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