Just want some advice / bit worried (pregnant)

Ive found out Im pregnant, I’ve already had two kids but not experienced this with my other pregnancies, so I’m a bit worried. Anyone else experienced this? I’m around 3 weeks, and experiencing light bleeding, enough to be going on pants,light pink, didn’t have this with my others so I’m worried something could be wrong. Any advice or your experience to make me feel more at ease please!!
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With both mine I had a ever so slight very light bleed a few weeks in. I think it's when your next period is due. Everything was fine the first time round, babas fine. I'm only 11weeks now but everything's been fine since so far. Speak to your doctor if you're worried. You're under the care of your doctor's until 12 weeks (I think, could be 16weeks) then it changes to care of the midwives/hospital.

I had a little bit of bleeding in my early pregnancy but to be safe always refer to your health care provider!

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