Toddler shoes for wide feet

Does anyone have recommendations for toddler shoes for wide feet? I can’t find a pair of tennis shoes that will fit my son…He has size 7 length feet, but every shoe we’ve tried has been too narrow.
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Thank you all for the tips!

Ten Little is good for my son. Milestones and Motherhood has a shoe guide on her site that includes wide feet recs

Start rite! Can get fitted at Jojo’s

Stride rite! Hands down my fave shoes, most of them are made wide

My fat/wide footed boy dies well with See Kai Run shoes!

Stride rite has wide options

My daughter has super wide feet. She has a paid of Clarke's runners that fit well. Also attipas sock shoes are fantastic, podiatrist approved and extra wide toe box

We get on Amazon New Balance Extra Wide for her because of the same reasons and they fit her great

I think New Balance runs a little wider

Have you tried stride rite? They have wide shoes

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