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Hi Does anyone know of any wfh jobs with not much experience required? Please comment or message Thanks
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This is the worst question you can ask here, unfortunately. Now all the #girlboss huns who are nothing but another cog in the machine and make nowhere near what they claim they make will come hounding you trying to make you join their down line. Exhibit A 👆🏼 To answer your question seriously, a lot of customer service jobs don’t require a lot of experience and are WFH. Best of luck

@Cat no but I love this! 🤣🤣🤣 no truer word spoken🥲😂

@Amy they swear up and down they’re their own boss and make £5k a month reselling some either some dodgy essential oil, makeup, haircare, subpar sportswear… it never ends 🤣 “hey hun!” *blocked*

They’re always recruiting Customer Service Advisors. All the best👍🏾

@Cat omg I hate it… those bloody Herbalife and make up shit. Urghh!

@OY! Thankyou not sure why I'm not receiving your messages

@Cat I am ignoring all those type messages. They tend to be from America too


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