Next to me cot

I’m looking at buying a next to me cot for my little girl but have no clue where to start! Any recommendations for cots or ones to avoid? Thanks ladies 🥰
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I think they’re all very much the same, I’d recommend getting one that rocks!

@Sarah ah that’s good to know! Thank you! Can’t believe you’re still waiting for baby! Bet you can’t wait to have him/her here! 😍 can’t wait to find out what you’re having I’m convinced it will be a girl! X

I have the next2me magic. I recommend xx

Hey we have the next2me magic 2, still waiting for baby though but it seems nice and sturdy. Also very roomy, still marked down at mamas and papas ☺️ x

Snuzpod 4 here! Tip: make sure any crib you're considering has a height setting that fits your bed and that any legs/base of the crib can fit under your bed to tie safely. Some next to me cots have bulky feet and so can't get close enough to the bed for safe fitting - there will be straps that go under the mattress. We have an ottoman bed so oy.tjw smuzpod was.suitable- no feet to worry about fitting under

We have the snuzpod used it for our first and now it’s coming out for second.

second the snuzpod! ❤️

Got the cozee next to me , absolutely love it! So perfect for her

I also have a Snuzpod and it’s done us so well! My daughter is 4 months and fits in perfect. Also picked it up second hand for really cheap!

We have the snuzpod as well and we love it! We have it attached to our bed and it works great for us, especially after a C-section

We had a snuzpod & loved it. To begin with we put the Moses basket in it because she didn’t settle with it being so big (lots of my friends recommended this) but she soon got used to it and was in there until 5 months then went in her own room ☺️ we didn’t actually attach it to the bed as we didn’t co-sleep so we left the sides up and had it next to us instead x

Baby elegance co glide, absolute god send for us. It rocks itself!!

We have the Snuzpod and we love it. The top cot bit comes off the base so we can bring it down for downstairs naps x

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