Sissy husband kink.

My husband is now OBSESSED with being a “sissy” and I find it totally revolting.
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It’s time to leave

I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this, but aside from the whole “Sissy” business, it seems like you’re saying he’s drinking in excess and doing harmful drugs because he can’t cope with being a father and the stress that comes with that. You have to protect your baby at all costs, so if you can’t get him to quit the drinking and drugs and try to work on your relationship and compromise then it might be time to cut ties and start documenting things to get sole custody should that issue ever come up. Good luck girl, hoping the best for you and your kiddo(s)

Dang, that sucks

@Kennedi I wish it was a troll post, I wish it was.

This has to be a troll post😭i can’t imagine seeing someone put cocaine on their peen for it to look like a clit

@Maggie oh trust me I felt the same way, surreal, like did I die and go to hell? Cocaine. He just tried it once. Looked online, apparently it’s a thing.

@Maggie unfortunately real. But op implied that the coke made him into it worse than normal

Why and how does he know coke makes his penis shrink? Erm do you mean coca cola or cocaine 😅 A part of me is thinking is this even real thats how crazy it sounds 😭

@Ashley mine was trying to get me to be ok with multiple people sex (idk what else to call it) but when I call him out on it he insists he was just trying to see what I was into even though I’ve made it so clear that I’m only interested in an exclusive relationship. Honestly I’m fine with the pegging if it’s not EVERY SINGLE TIME but he has a toxic energy when he gets into this sissy shit.

*chasity *Clitty* I'm into being manhandled and I just cannot stomach sex with him anymore. His additude is shit. Doesn't take care of his responsibilities and just plays video games all the time. But I am a fair person, and he IS a great dad but like, come onn

Oh god op, I'm actually triggered! Partners the same way with charity and the Clifty shit 🙃🔫

@Drew don't know about OP but my partner is into both dressing up and pegging. He had me seeing other people but it backfired with him because I found my twin flame and now that I'm trying to leave, he shut off my phone and kicked me from the wifi and shit. Wants the 2k he put into the down-payment for the car we have now because his pod he dogged blew up. Its alot with him tbh.

@Maggie he rubs coke on it and it shrinks, he calls it a “clitty”. Again, I could die of embarrassment.

Shrink his penis into a clitty 😭 sorry what

Like you think you’re about to make love to your husband, the man you fell in love with, the father of your children, and you walk into a shell of a man just pretending to be a girl, I could die of embarrassment honestly.

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@Ashley omg it really was enough for me to want to walk away the very first time he did it like it flipped a panic switch in my brain lol

It’s so stressful, I’ve told him so many times that I hate it but he insists on it every time we’re even remotely intimate or flirtatious even though he knows I hate it and he’s made it clear that he would pick this fetish over me.

@Sidney so, my husband was an alcoholic/addict and had weird sexual experiences before he met me but when we met, he had just stopped drinking and was really ashamed of those things. Fast forward, we move in together, have a great sex life in my opinion then after he has a breakdown while I’m pregnant with our first and starts drinking again then eventually doing coke and is now basically only interested in sex if he can be a “sissy” so he likes to shrink his penis into a “clitty”, wear women’s underwear, makeup, etc… and I caught him masturbating to a site called hypnotube which is a sissy porn site last night. I have no problem with like role reversal, fem dom, pegging… but this is just gross to me and I can’t pull it together to even pretend I’m into it

Ugh no such a turn off I would definitely not be into that are they into pegging or just dress up

@Drew no they like to dress up and role-playing as women

@Drew they like to dress up in lingerie and shit

I googled it only thing it's saying is basically like when you call someone that sissy like basically a dude that's a pussy or little bitch? Not really manly

Actually same. And now I want to leave but our son keeps being thrown in my face.

^^^ literally same

Idk what this "sissy" term means?

Can I have more context

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