Pregnant and sick

I have a lingering cough that I got from my 2 year old and I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant and afraid to take anything.. my daughter needed an antibiotic and I know I can’t take that. Dr said I can take cough medicine as long as it’s DM free but I’m still nervous. I’ve never been sick before while pregnant. Has anyone else been in this position?
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Yep, I've had some for conjunctivitis and a UTI over pregnancy. Just speak to the doc :)

Thank you! I had no idea there were pregnancy safe antibiotics.. that eases my worries if this gets any worse.

You can get pregnancy safe antibiotics if you need them, just speak to your doctor. No decongestants. Otherwise it's just paracetamol really. A cough won't harm baby though, it's mainly if you got really poorly with a fever that it'd be a concern x

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