Putting baby down after a bottle

Do you put your baby right down after a bottle and getting their wind up or hold them up for a bit? Please comment how long you sit them up for
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My little one burps whilst he is feeding now so I don’t need to wind him myself so I just put him back down after a feed. His reflux has massively reduced over the last few weeks so I don’t have him upright either

My little one literally wont burp at night, never has for some reason so pst his bsck over my shoulder for 10 minutes snd then lay him on my chest for 10 minutes. In the day though once he has burped he jist goes back to playing i dont sit him up xxx

Hold her in between upright and led down for about 15/20 mins sometimes less if we’re out somewhere! We used to have to do it for at least 30/45 mins as she had bad reflux but thankfully she seems to have grown out of it! *touch wood*

My boy has reflux so I hold him for at least 15 minutes after he's had a good burp

I sit her up or over my shoulder for 10 minutes before putting her down

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