I don’t understand! 🤷🏼‍♀️

My 15m old doesn’t like to cuddle or hug me or her father - but will hug her teddies all of the time… anyone else experiencing this or can shed light on why this may be?! It makes me a little sad, I would love for her to wrap her arms around me or sit with me for cuddles…. Thanks mamas🌛
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Oh and my girl doesn’t like any stuff toys, I was wondering at what age she will be interested in them. We have so many and now I have told my Frnds n families not to buy them for her as she doesn’t play with them.

My daughter is the same 90% of the time. Sometimes I’ll ask for a kiss and if I’m lucky I’ll get one but she’ll happily kiss and cuddle her teddy/dolls. I only get cuddles when she’s really tired or poorly 🥲

Same boat... my LB was so so snuggly as a baby and we contact napped alot - he only sleeps in cot, car or pram now he won't ever snuggle on my lap or in my arms - I just want to cuddle him all up but he is mr.independent and just pushes me away - it is a bit heart wrenching but you're not alone xx

I'm in exactly the same boat. My LO used to always give me cuddles and kisses but now he just doesn't. Anyone else, his granny's and grandads, his toys, and even his teething monkey. It's been really getting me down as well. I've felt like I've done something for him to not like me anymore. But all I'm trying to do is keep him happy and safe. I duno why he's just changed 😕 Kind of nice to know we're not on our own here. Like it's more of a thing than us 😭😅 x

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