5 days ago

To much information?

When me and my partner have sex he always ends up with a dry Willy and its like dry peely skin but wipes right away with a wipe? Is this normal this never happened before pregnancy. It's only right after sex. As soon as it's wiped away it doesn't come back until after sex again
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4 days ago

its normally just some sort of bodily fluid drying quick once finished, either his cum or yours, pregnancy means more fluid down there for the most part so may just be that drying up quick x

5 days ago

Sometimes during pregnancy you can be not as lubricated…maybe its just a mix of you not being as lubed as normal causing friction from what you are making… if both you feel fine… if guess its nothing to worry about just another joy of pregnancy 🤷🏻‍♀️

5 days ago

Hmm that's weird

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