Nipple pain! 😪

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and just today my nipples started like burning/stinging. It was painful enough for me to have to take my shirt and bra off. Even with nothing on they still are pretty painful. Like I need to hold and apply pressure to them. It’s not my entire boob just my nipples. Any ideas on why and what I can do to relieve this stinging sensation?
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This has happen to me but weird thing is it has happened for a few years now maybe 3 years . And I have noticed it happens even more when sun is touching my breast . Burns so bad

It could be your milk maybe

Had this happen and soon after I started making colostrum or something? Something started happening and basically a small amount of clear liquid would come out if I squeezed my nipple I think it’s like the duct opening up ? Not sure but nipple cream as mentioned above and I work for a PT company my boss always says hot and cold compresses are helpful to an extent but they do the exact same thing so use which ever feels best!

Happened to me as well! It’s happened a few times. It’s v uncomfy. Cold compress helped.

cold compress and nipple cream xx

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