How long do your bottle fed babies take to feed?

And how much in a feed? Our 1 month old takes about 40 mins to have 120mls / 4oz on a 1 teet, wondering if this is average or too long
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I had this same issue where my boy was falling asleep cause it was taking him too long to finish but waking up not long after hungry .. up’d teat size and now he’s finished in around 15minutes and much more settled

My boy was taking 40 mins ish and we were advised to try upping the teat size (this was about 6.5 weeks) and he usually finishes his bottle in 15-20 mins. She said anything up to half an hour is fine but any longer and it’s probably the teat size. To be honest though I think it’s a lot of personal opinion and there’s no textbook for babies so just go with what you think. If baby isn’t showing any other signs of needing to increase teat size you may not need to just yet x

My daughter will be 6 weeks on Thursday and she isbtaking between 3/4oz and usually takes 45mins to a hour x

My little boy is a guzzler! He’s 3 weeks and feeds 4oz in about 20 mins or so, sometimes longer if he stops/starts! His bottle feeds are a lot quicker than on breast though x

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