Can you request an induction?

I'm currently 33 weeks tomorrow. I was induced with my 1st as she stopped growing. This time round I'm in so much pain with My hips and baby being head down in my pelvis that I'm really struggling. Can you request an induction ?
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I got a consultant appointment next week so might speak with them about it, at the moment I've just made my daughters bed and she got a low on the floor one and now I'm stuck as my hips have seized and in pain lol 😆

In the same position here, im 34 weeks today and just want this baby out my back hurts SO much that i cant even sit. Have my 34 week appt with my midwife on friday so going to ask her then but as far as im aware they dont induce you early without medical reasons😕

I don't see why not, when you're allowed an elective c-section? They could start with doing sweeps then if it doesn't work then they could induce you? Ask your midwife and see what she says. I'm guessing around the 37 week mark if you're allowed, 3 weeks sooner at least🤞🏼

Sorry I should of worded it better but was half asleep, I don't want to be induced at 33 weeks but I don't want to go the full 40 weeks either due to all this pain, I've had physio but it's not working and I have a 4 Yr old so bed rest is out of the window as well. I just wanted to know if I could request being induced ?

I doubt they would induce you at 33 weeks... they would probably advise bed rest and potential physio

Probably not at 33 weeks. Full gestation is 37. Some women go on bed rest if its too painful.

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