Hey Everyone! I’m 27 weeks pregnant & recently started a remote job as a customer service advisor after a very long search. I’m yet to inform my employer about my pregnancy as i’m worried my employment may be terminated. I’d appreciate any advise on how to go about this. Thank you
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They can’t fire you for being pregnant that’s illegal.

I don't think they can fire you as its illegal but you must definitely tell them ASAP that you are pregnant because I believe your supposed to tell employer 15 weeks before due date

I have started a new job pregnant but earlier on. You do need to tell them 15 weeks before due date to qualify for maternity leave benefits I think. That's what I had to do but I just told them ASAP and they have been good about it. I'm sure if you are honest with them they will be fine about it. As said above they can't fire you just because you are pregnant.

They can’t fire you because you’re pregnant but check their maternity policy. I had to be in service for so many weeks to qualify for the company’s extra maternity benefits (full pay for longer etc.) but regardless you’ll need to notify them still

They can’t fire you, check their maternity policy as you won’t be entitled to SMP due to how late in your pregnancy you have started your new job. However, they may pay something as I know some companies do, if not, you will be entitled to your mat leave but you will need to apply for mat allowance xx

Deffo tell them asap. And whilst they shouldn’t try and fire you, many companies are ar*eholes and will try and get around this. I’ve had issues with my manager and had to get employment lawyers involved which has cost me money. So it’s not a total given that companies will not terminate you when pregnant.

Assuming you already know won’t be entitled to maternity pay at the company and that your reasons is to top up your personal finances and you’re not particularly wedded to the role, I would consult your employment contract and quit within the timeframe that will allow you to serve your notice period ie if your company requires 4 weeks notice then I would quit at the end of October or beginning of November. This way you can start prepping for baby’s arrival in December. While she can’t be fired, they can make work life really difficult for her.

They can’t fire you, but you need to tell them before your ‘qualifying week’ which I think is 15 weeks before due date, otherwise you risk not qualifying for maternity pay, but I think you can still get a different type of maternity ‘benefit’ - Maternity Allowance

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