DVT & Fragmin

Hi ladies, just discovered today I have a blood clot in my thigh and been prescribed fragmin injection twice daily. Now waiting to see a consultant but in the mean time can anyone share their labour experiences and whether taking fragmin changed your labour plans or what precautions if any were put in place. I'm 36+3 today and baby girl is fully engaged so now worried she may come early without me having a consultation before hand. Many thanks 😊
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Hi Charlotte! I’ve been on blood thinners my entire pregnancy as I’m prone to blood clots (go me 🫠) I’d definitely recommend discussing with your midwife/consultant etc about a water birth. Jo above has said everything I was going to say, but I’ve been told I can’t deliver in the water as they won’t be able to monitor any bleeding. They’ve said I can be in the water but will have to come out when baby is coming x

@Tori I had a very slight lump on the back of my knee about the size of a pea on Friday, it felt like an insect bite. By Sunday the lump/ swelling had got bigger about the size of my thumb and warm to the touch. My calf had swelled ever so slightly but not really noticeable. Luckily I had a midwife appointment Monday morning , who agreed that it didn't look like the pictures of dvt you see on line but to go to a&e anyway. I went to a&e on Monday and referred back for a scan yesterday and they found a small clot that was partially blocking a vein in my thigh.

@Jo thank you so much! Luckily the midwife led unit is in the same place as the labour ward, was hoping for a water birth with as little intervention as possible, but also aware its my first so was happy to go with the flow. Thank you for your reassurance. ❤️

how did you know you had one? we’re u having pain? this always concerns me

As soon as you start having contractions, stop taking the injections. It doesn't change anything in terms of how labour goes but you can't have an epidural or spinal anaesthetic if you've had an injection within the last 12 or 24 hours (depending on what dose you're on). We normally keep a very close eye on you for bleeding afterwards too. And have a low threshold for giving medication if you do bleed more than normal. The vast majority don't though! Because of this, I probably wouldn't recommend delivering in a midwifery led unit unless it is on the same site as a labour ward where there are Obstetricians and anaesthetists present. Just to reiterate, the vast majority of women are absolutely fine but we do like to have things in place just in case! Xx

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