Air flow-Bubbles Free solutions?

My baby cough while drinking milk from the bottles. Please suggest what should I do to avoid air flow and bubbles? I want to make sure I am doing my best from my side. Symptoms look like acid reflux that’s what my baby is suffering
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I'm not entirely sure. You viukd argue that if too slow baby will suck harder and take in more air. But ive read a slower teat helps. I think you'll need to Google research that x

@Che thank you so much Does the size of nipple helps with the reduction of air? I am using 0+ minth size of nipple. My friend suggested to use preemie size nipple due to slowest milk flow. Does the size of nipple matters?

We are also using anti reflux medication from GP as baby has bad reflux and allergies

For pur babies reflux we use... MAM anti colic bottles. When feeding formula, swirl rather than shake the bottle to make it, as it helps reduce the air. Feed baby sitting upright as much as possible- increases ability to burp. Pace feed- hold bottle almost horizontal, make sure teat is full so not sucking air, slow teat. If gulping to fast, remove bottle to slow baby down. Burp before during (a good few times) and after feed. Hold upright for a while after feed- laying down too early will cause baby to gag and spit up

That helped my oldest he is now going on 15 next month

Poor kiddo. I hope it'll ease. Maybe put his swing by the bed and at night let him sleep in it

No my baby does not choke in sleep, my baby will keep stretching his neck and make sounds, look like something is bothering in chest area

Does he choke? My girl does while eating and sometimes when asleep. She has been diagnosed with Laryngomalacia

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