Cervix checks / membrane sweeps

What was your experience with cervix checks? My doula said they’re not important and can be painful, same with the membrane sweeps. And that they don’t tell you too much anyways. Is it worth doing or no??
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I had 2 done, without a sweep (wasn’t ready). It was painful…. But not compared to childbirth lol

I declined all checks. They're invasive, uncomfortable, and don't tell you much, and every vaginal examination increases the risk of infection so it just wasn't beneficial to me

I refused cervical exams leading up to giving birth and then I got an initial one upon arriving at the birth center in labor and then once during the labor in pushing.

I did a membrane sweep with my first and I wish I didn’t! My water broke two days later and I was so unprepared and had to be induced. It threw off my whole birth plan. But these things rarely go as planned. Here’s what I learned. It’s not necessary and I wish I was not so focused and being tired to just say yes to anything. I wish I asked a lot more questions. Like what does this do? What are the chances for all the outcomes? Is it necessary? If I don’t do this what will most likely happen? I wished I asked those questions before jumping it.

I agree with your doula to an extent... are they important? Not for normal pregnancies. Are they painful? Yes. As a doula and a new mom I'll tell you this.. I'm not pro cervical checks because you can be at 4cm for weeks or go from 1cm to 10cm in 2 hrs. FTM and went from 2.5cm to birthing in 7 hrs, no medication. Membrane sweeps hurt. They don't do much unless your body is ready to give birth and you need a jump start. I got 2 done and the pain of the 2nd one was crazy.

I declined all checks. Test don't do anything except tell you if you're dilated, which is not an indicator of impending labor.

Thanks for all the replies!! I think I won’t go through with either for now, I might change my mind later in pregnancy tho :)

I had a cervical check and a sweep… barely felt either one! My doctor waited until I was 39 weeks But it’s true, you could be 0cm and have baby tomorrow or 4cm for a week 🤷‍♀️ everybody is different!

Cervix checks don't tell you much. You can be 1cm and 70% effaced today and stay that way for a week or give birth tomorrow. Sweeps can help bring labor on (it did for me in my second pregnancy) but they can also just be uncomfortable and get you no progress

Mine were really painful up until i started to dilate a little. I found each person did it differently too. I personally wouldn't have them again if I was to get pregnant again. If anything, it made me feel low, knowing my body just wasn't doing anything. I was 15 days late too

Also as for cervix checks - okay may be unnecessary, but I liked knowing where I was at because it lowered my anticipatory anxiety for delivery. So do what YOU want and feel necessary for you.

You’re going to get a lot of mixed messages. Personal experience, I felt more pressure than pain, baby was very low. I had a sweep and was 1cm then the next day I was induced was 2cm and had my water broken which I found worse. And if you need reasoning - mine was I wanted baby to come ASAP. I was done being pregnant. My belly stopped growing but he didn’t - for almost a month.

I found them quite invasive and painful, and they didn’t work for me. On that basis, I wouldn’t have that kind of intervention again. However, I think others have more success.

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