I had gone to the emergency room on Sept 2 because I thought I had a cyst the cramp I got felt absolutely terrible but when I got checked for a ultrasound they said everything was completely normal. A week later my period didn’t come down normal I was spotting so I took a Pregnancy test and that came back Positive. I went to the the emergency room again cause I felt cramping and my discharge was pink and brown . They took blood and they told me my HcG is at a 50 . The ultrasound was normal again … the next day I took ANOTHER pregnancy test and it came out positive. Still some cramping but the bleeding stopped. And it wasn’t as bad . When I went to my OB she said everything looked normal but she thinks I’m 4wks and it early but I’m really worried about these cramps . Do you think it might be ectopic ? What is your ectopic experiences ? What should I do ?
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@Amy that’s what scares me a bit they didn’t see anything they think it’s too early to tell or it could be ectopic … I’m hoping everything is ok but would I feel other symptoms ? Or is cramping the only sign ?

If they can see something on the ultrasound they would more than likely know if it was ectopic as it would be elsewhere other than the womb…

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