Anaemia/ half face numb

So I’m 33 weeks and blood results showing I have Anaemia, Tomorrow I have a obstrectic appointment and obviously I will be discussing my results and all, but I so worried that all this is not good for my baby, gives me anxiety and lately I’ve felt depressed and very moody on top of that half of my left side face is numb it’s the most annoying feeling and nobody can give me explanation yet, could it all be linked to low iron? Has anyone suffered from low iron before in their pregnancy? I guess I’m looking for some positive stories to keep my self sane and not lose it mentally 😭
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I have low iron (very low) but never had this. I'm not sure if I can be but I know that nerve conditions can affect the facial nerves. Are both sides of your face equally reactive? Bells palsy can cause episodes of facial numbness and non responsiveness

@Robyn aww😕 how you feeling? Has it affected your mental health? Did they prescribe anything to fix the iron levels for you? I can move both of my sides, it’s just numb like when you go to the dentist and they give you anaesthetic and it’s kinda wearing off but still you feel numbness? That’s how it feels like half of my face 😭

I get this numbness in my face sometimes when I have a really bad migrain.

I’ve had rather low iron the whole pregnancy, took a lot of iron supplements, 600mg and when that wasn’t enough got an infusion. It just makes you rather tired really but feel better now, just needs monitoring. Baby is good, he was having an iron party in there which left me with none but he is good.

@Georgia I did get bad headaches for a long time through out my pregnancy now I don’t know if it has anything to do with it 😕

@Annie bless you, glad all is good with you and the baby. I’m rather very moody anxious and depressed to be honest, I have a 2yr old toddler that is super active and in that age where he’s reaching for everything he’s not meant to and it stresses me out so much I end up shouting at him so much out of frustration and exhaustion 😭 which makes me feel like a horrible mother in the end 💔. I’m very out of breath and dizzy and tired of course, I just have to see what they gonna tell me today I’m so scared the numbness won’t go away 😭

Aw I’m sorry you’re struggling! I don’t know about the numbness, have you asked a medical professional? I think the rest is just the rather glamorous pregnancy side effects!!

@Annie same I have very low iron (practically anaemic) but the supplements are not doing much? I sometimes just black out randomly and get these dizzy spells and gotta sit down. How did you get the iron infusion?

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