Ladies that are still pregnant

How we doing y’all? I’m due 9/25 and so uncomfortable. Sleeping hurts and my feet are gigantic. But we’re almost to the finish line!! I’m proud of all of us ♥️
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@Cindy I have the exact same thing! A lot worse in my right arm and it constantly wakes me up in the night. One thing that has helped a little bit is resting my wrist/hand on an icepack. It doesnt go away but it does help a small amount

Was due the 17th, still waiting. Have induction set for sunday. Had a membrane sweep today, maybe it will help 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Cindy mine too. My hands are mildly swollen but definitely tingly all the time. That middle of the night pain is awful. I dont know why it flairs up in the middle of the night, but that's when it's the worst!

Due 9/23 and also no signs of labor 😕 still have my mucus plug and nothing what so ever indicating he's coming anytime soon lol I want this baby OUT. I'm so miserable from having PUPPPs and carrying this huge baby and I'm so over it lol

I'm also due 9/25, no labor signs! 😭

Due date 9/25 and no signs of wanting to enter world 😫 haven’t even lost mucus plug yet 🙃

@Allana No one I know have it but I have really really bad pregnancy carpal tunnel. It is definitely worse at night. Since around 35 week my fingers became very swollen and my right thumb tingly. At night the swelling and tingling gets so bad to the point where I wake up around 4-5am with so much pain in my entire right hand and even my right arm. I’m glad at least my left hand is somewhat okay. But the aching and numbness in my right hand now exists during the daytime too. Massaging it doesn’t help either. My doctor says it will just go away once I give birth and that there really isn’t much we can do at this point.

Due 9/26 but I have a apt tm so gonna talk about induction and also see if I can get the okay for the midwives brew. I’ve been cramping pretty mildly and have been in prodromal labor for going on 2 days now so I’m just exhausted

My due date 22nd but no signs of labor. Looks like we are going over. And yes carpal tunnel sucks. I am still working and debating should I go on the leave at my due date on Friday or if I should continue 🤔

Literally having to be induced Sunday but I want her out NOW lol

@Allana I had it before pregnancy and now it’s 10x worse, so I feel ya. I also get trigger finger in both hands first thing in the morning!

@Ashley same, but on the bright side I’ve gotten really good an navigating my bedroom/bathroom in the dark 🙃

@Kelly I’ll cross my fingers for you!

@Sarah same lmao

Due 9/25 as well. Did some Acupuncture today, my second tryout for inducing labor that way 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll wait till the weekend if not I’ll try the midwives brew and if not induction on Sunday night. Cuz I can’t take it until 41 weeks!

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@Marina I love pregnancy

@Allana my doctor just said it happens lol

@Marina my doctor said I can wear braces but then said she also doesn't really recommend it unless it's bad.

@Allana me! So bad especially at night 😩

I'm so tired.... no exhausted😩. But want to go into labor naturally. I'm hoping soon. She's so stubborn like her daddy, lol. Braxton hicks have been bad bad today. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Was due 9/17. Not looking like this girl is gonna be here anytime soon.

Anyone else get pregnancy carpal tunnel? That's what bothering me so much at night. My hands go numb and start aching.

I’m 40+2! Getting more uncomfortable but making it through! Induction scheduled for Thursday so there is a light at the end of the tunnel but i hope he comes on his own 🥲

Due on Monday with no signs of impending labor - exhausted, maybe sleeping 3 hours during the night when I’m not tossing and turning or needing to pee 10x, and when I’m awake, I feel like a human bowling ball.

Due date is Saturday and my stomach feels like a balloon that could burst any second 🥵

Mine due date is tomorrow! They scheduled an induction for 9/26 just in case I didn't go naturally. I'm not feeling awful but definitely not comfortable. Mainly my back and trying to lift my legs. They don't always work. We can do it though! Power through it 🫠

@Marina hopefully soon! Most women give birth in the 5 days before or 5 days after their due date 🤞

@Ashley ugh that’s rough 😫

My due date is today.. zero signs of the baby 😩

My due date was yesterday and I am still pregnant and over ittttt

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