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Looking for advice on a bank account for a baby. Has anyone else already opened an account in their child’s name and where did you open the account?
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My partners mum has opened one for my LB with good interest... so she says, but she wont tell me who shes opened it with 🙄🤨 but I have just opened a monzo account and locked the account for a few years so that I can get a good build up on it

I am with Barclays Bank and I opened one online for my baby they did a video appointment and was so easy all I needed to do was send a photo of her birth certificate but they talk you through it

@Danielle thank you. Is the account in your baby’s name? Just thinking if family give her a cheque can I deposit it?

A locked ISA will get the best interest on your savings but baby can only have one of these accounts x

@Beth nobody can open an account for your child without your permission, you should have gotten a letter through the post to confirm you were happy for the account to be open.

@Laurie yes the account is in her name. I love Barclays purely because you can cash cheques in through their app because my granny always does cheques lol The account onto my app and I can see who puts money in etc and when she’s 18 the account automatically changes to her and they send out card etc

I’m with rbs for all my accounts so I just got one with them, it’s in my name but it’ll change over to hers when she’s 16. Plus you can add and withdraw as many times as you need to which is good for us. X

I opened a Kids Saver online with Halifax. It was quick and easy. They have several different options.

We have a Halifax one too

Yes I have one with NatWest for child

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