Not like anyone cares but I'm struggling.
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We care. I decided to get a therapist to help me are a few things she recommended… - Write down 3-5 things your grateful for every day - i am doing this and its helping me appreciate myself and my life so much more - Write down things you enjoy doing and try to do atleast one of those each week - write down a list of your strengths and refer back to it constantly as a reminder of how badass you are ….I don’t know what your going through but i know I had an extremely hard time with the hormone imbalance and having had depression pre/during pregnancy. You have us and you can reach out for help. Your not in this alone. Sending you love & light.

I hear ya! Life seems to be so hard lately, or am I just not as strong as I used to be?! Big hugs to you!!

We do care though. Being a parent is hard. Being a good parent is harder.

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