Does anyone know the answer?

Have had two kids now and I’m wondering what the biological explanation is for this? I’ve breastfed both times and pp I’ve had very little desire to have sex or even kiss my husband. I find this very strange too that while breastfeeding it doesn’t feel at all the way it does when I am touched in those places in an intimate way, I don’t particularly enjoy breastfeeding like some women but I’m so neutral about it, it doesn’t feel like anything except a small amount of relief that my breasts aren’t as full. I know there is a reason for everything during this process and just wondering if anyone could drop a source for this? I’m very curious about this!
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@Kayla oh yeah that makes sense!

My best guess is it's your body's way of making sure you don't get pregnant again and it can use all it's energy to feed the baby. *I understand women get pregnant all the time while breastfeeding I'm just saying that it may be biological/evolution reasons that sex drive is low.

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