Sleep training tonight

Please share your tips I’m nervous lol
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Depends. You can just rub their back/belly, give them their soother (if they have one), reassure them with your words, or pick them up to calm them. I guess it depends on how hard they are crying. But only spend about 2 minutes or less with them. Just enough to calm thme down then put them back down and leave again. Reset the timer if they start crying again. Feel free to PM me if you want.

@Melissa thanks! So what do I do at check in? X

What did you do can you tell me please? I want to try this method x

Thanks so much guys! And good luck @Celine ❤️ first one of the night went well! Asleep on his own after only 12 minutes of intermittent crying

It's ok, you got this. The first few nights are hard and you will probably be up more than usual. But I promise you it will get better. A behaviour always increases before it decreases. Just stay consistent. Good luck! You got this! 💪🫶

Thanks everyone! I’m worried I’ll be up all night because he normally wakes up many times a night and I feed him back to sleep

It's not always easy but it's so worth it to have better sleep for baby and you!! Whatever method you choose try to stick to it even when it's hard 🤗 I honestly think the only time sleep training won't work for your baby is if you have one that goes into hysterics very easily or gets so upset they throw up. I've only heard of a few people having that experience, for the rest of us, sleep training is one of the best things we ever did.

My first time tonight too! I feel you!!

It will be better than you imagine! My tips: Make sure the room is prepared - SUPER dark so you cant see your hand in front of you, have your sleep sound machine go all night, if you use soothers then have several in the crib and try to make sure LO gets a good feed before bed! Also wean off night feeds if you haven't already!

You got this! Deep breaths. It's okay to step out and take a break if you need to. First time can take a while but keep at it and stay consistent, they pick it up fairly fast.

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