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My son is 9 months and me and his father has visitations at my house. We had mediation and I said I wanted a gradually increasing schedule for his parenting time, he disagreed on that. He said it wasn’t fair that he knew he could get granted more time if judges ruled it. We didn’t agree on anything, our court for GAL recommendations this month got delayed until November. He keeps asking me to have our son alone, the only problem is I don’t feel comfortable since he hasn’t watched him on his own but not only that what if I decide to allow him to take him a few hours before court? I personally wouldn’t want too until we have court in November, but I also want him to start spending time with our son. Any advice? I have sole custody until it gets modified.
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Until it was born and we brought it home so I feel your argument will have to be stronger

Don’t do it before court. They’ll say you’re concerns are invalid if you willingly sent baby even if you say you were trying to be nice and give him a chance. But they could also say you never gave him a chance and grant him the visits. However, at least if the court does it there will be rules and if he messes up and stops coming around they will have it documented rather than if you’re just doing it. Family court is tricky it depends on the judge and what’s said and different scenarios. I personally wouldn’t even correspond with him until court though. You’re already going through legalities at this point he should really be waiting to go through the lawyer. I feel like he’s trying to be like see I asked and she said no look she won’t let me see my child. But make sure you say well here’s why .. etc. But yeah basing it on because he’s never been around a baby alone solely is not a strong argument. Since every first time parent us moms included have never been alone with our baby

If you give him time alone now, the courts are just going to grant him as much time as they can, as he's proved he could care for the baby by himself. They also may do that anyways saying you should have given him time regardless. Especially if he hasn't been abusive or neglectful in the past.

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