PP period

4 months PP and still no sign of period. How long did it take you to have your first?
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10 months pp until mine started.

Like 16 months

Ebf, 8wks pp

Im 12wks..I got it last wk

@Pamela oh man, no break for you 😕

6 weeks 😑

A bit over 18 months

I'm at 9 months 🤷‍♀️

After I had my last son, I didn't have a period for 16 months. I EBF for 14 months.

5 months pp here

5.5 months pp with my first. Almost 5 months pp with my second and no period

He'll be 4 months next week and mine just started. It's been a weird one, spotting for days and horrible cramps. EBF, no birth control.

Just got mine at 8 months pp

5.5 months pp, and still haven't gotten mine either. I'm EBF/ occasionally pumping, and also on birth control. I've read that all of that will delay period.

Got it 16 months pp!

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