Breastfeeding - how often?

Hello! My LO is now 3 months old and during the day she still wants to eat every two hours. I EBF as well. Anyone else in the same time frame?
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Yup - my son (4 months on Oct 1st) takes 4 oz breast milk every 2-3 hours (even at night 😩) depending on his mood. I’ve tried increasing to 5oz to se did that would help increase time in between feeds, but he never finishes the 5oz bottle

@Polina yes I pump once, usually around 2am.

@Stephanie do you pump at night?

Yes! I was looking forward to him getting a bit older so we could plan going out a bit better, but we're still in the situation where even if I feed him immediately before leaving the house for a couple of hours, we'll still have to stop to feed him while out.

@Maggie I think the biggest thing was how much he eats during the day. He also started sleeping in him crib at a month and no swaddle. He sometimes wakes up, but generally settles himself now. And when he did wake at night more I would only feed him if other tries to settle didn’t work. We learned that he usually didn’t need to eat at night he just needed help settling.

@Stephanie I have the same day schedule as you, but how do you get your baby to sleep from 9-6??? Sounds like a dream 😩

My guy eats after he wakes up and only naps for about 45 mins. So add the 1.5 ish hour wake window he’s eating every 2-3 hours. I find though having him eat so much during the day it’s giving us long night stretches. I feed him on average 7 times from 6am-9pm. He sleeps from 9-6 then another 3 or so hours and we start our day around 9-9:30.

Okay so it sounds like it is still a normal thing! Yeah and sometimes she sleeps one good 6 hour stretch but then overnight it’s like you said 2.5/3

Pretty much exactly that over here! My LO isn't quite 3 months but does feed every 2hr during the day maybe one 3hr stretch. And at night it's still around 2.5/3hrs. Fast metabolisms?? We tried adding formula or pumped milk to fill up more, but no real difference for our case 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Same boat. After a big morning feed she can go 3 hrs but in the afternoon and evening it's evry 3 hours. I was going to start pumping to see if it can get more so she eats less often. But not sure

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