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Literally so confused. My son who is 18 months has no words. He sings to himself (songs I recognise like abc or wheels on the bus). He can sing a specific part of the song “up and down” and puts his hands up and down and ABC he sings the first few letters very clearly. But other than that, he has no words. He doesn’t play with toys just loves banging them together or banging them on the walls and tables. He has no hyperfixations like spinning toys but definitely loves banging things together. He says dada but has never said mum or mummy or mama. He understands stop and no and give kisses and come here but nothing more. He doesn’t point. Babbles all day non stop to himself. Sleeps well and is sleep trained. Eats well too. HV recommended doing an autism application for an assessment. We were rejected on the basis that there wasn’t enough evidence. Everyone I’ve spoken to like nursery have told me to give him more time but something doesn’t seem right and I can’t put my finger on it. He doesn’t have typical autistic traits so I’m not sure if it’s a developmental delay or if I should push for the autism assessment. We were also rejected for speech and language based on lack of evidence again. I’m losing my mind because he seems to have no interest in learning anything new but wants to just do his own thing. He can walk and run really well and I’ve seen posts on here saying that kids sometimes focus on one thing at a time and I’m wondering if he’s more focus on moving around and running than learning words. He also has no real interest in anyone but me or his dad. No interest in other kids. He gives good eye contact when he wants. Responds to his name when he wants. Understands if I tell him off for something naughty. I’m just so confused and could do with some advice or insight. I’ve never really been around kids before I had my own. Please please any advice or opinions are welcomed. I just need answers about what’s going on with him.
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Language is so individual, he’ll learn to speak when he’s ready. I would try and not worry and wait till he’s over two before doing an autism assessment if you’re still concerned. You might get a better picture at that age.

My first was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old so very young. Everyone thought i was wrong but i just knew in my gut from when he was around 9-10 months. From what you have said though it doesn’t sound like there is anything wrong, remember we all have different personalities & like different things even kids. My advice would be go with your gut but be open minded, try not to fixate on what he can’t do yet ❤️

My 18 month old literally just say a word once then will never repeat it again expect mama, nana, bell (our dog) and ta (all of these are also hit and miss if she says them.) i think she storing them all up and then gonna shock us all. She bangs a lot of stuff around she like the different sounds they make. And she absolutely hates kids her age she will sit and give them the stink eye, the only kids she will interact with are her older cousins. I wouldn't be concerned yet until hes closer to 3 if hes still not speaking then there may be an issue that needs supporting. But even preemies are looked at until they are over 2 for development delays (what my pediatrician said)as thats when most kids are at a similar point for development.

18 months is very young to be considering autism as so many autistic traits are just normal development too. Unless you and/or dad are autistic then i would revisit it in 6 months. If either of you are autistic you can try and push further but its likely you will get the same response espwcially due to her agel

Firstly, your child is doing just great, they are doing things at their pace. I say the following as a nanny of 13 years working with babies and toddlers. Language development is at their own pace. I would have 0 concerns about your little ones development based off what you have said. Mine dadddy, mama (very rarely and means yum/food we think, def doesnt men me!) Ease which is please. SLT at this stage would just be able about reading, singing and playing and talking with your child. I have done SLT with a 2 year old. Some kids just dont sit and play. Im currently nannying one like that. She just likes to walk around and climb and read books. This is just them and doesnt men they could be autistic.

I ran out of space, Could the assessment help in that it could come back as not on the spectrum so help push for another diagnosis or just put your mind at ease? Also we have been watching a little bit of miss Rachel (I find her really annoying 😅) but that also seems to have helped with words. If your LO won’t sit still though maybe having it on in the background for a short period a day could help.

Oh hun I have no advice but just wanted to say trust your gut. If you feel something isn’t right go back to GP to discuss other possibilities (if you don’t think it’s autism - they may have other advice/thoughts). I find HVs very hit and miss with the advice they give (don’t get me wrong they do a great job but for me the advice hasn’t been consistent). My LO is very stubborn 🤣 she doesn’t always respond to her name think she’s got her fathers selective hearing 🤣 We are having physio as my LO couldn’t move at the 9-12 month check up - which I wasn’t worried about until the HV said it was ‘weird’ she’s still not walking independently but she’s made a lot of progress. Out of curiosity does LO use a dummy they say that can effect speech so we have been limited her dummy use to just naps/sleep and she has picked up so many more words since we started that. My LO doesn’t seem bothered about other kids at nursery - she is obsessed with her cousin though and plays/stares at him.

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