Anyone else have an erratic baby?

My baby has no pattern for movements- very slow days with movement at random times, random days in a row of frequent movement, weeks with little movement, it’s all over the place and yes I’ve talked to my providers frequently about it. I’m almost 37 weeks.
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Yes! My baby girl has been like this my whole pregnancy. No pattern to her movements and super inconsistent day to day. Some days she’s crazy active and some days she’s not. I have been to L&D three times for decreased movement and they tell me every time that she’s fine but just a gentle baby 🙄 Now at 35w because she’s so big I get even less kicks and movement and mostly just her pressing up against my belly.

I have a little gremlin who enjoys hurting me with a nice swift kick to the cervix, or a lovely stab to the gut lol

I am in the same boat. I just count the movements when he is moving. And keep track that way.

Mine is the same he has his slow days

Yes same! Sometimes he is active in the morning. Sometimes is during the day, or at night. Sometimes it’s all three lol.

Same. My baby has no pattern either. She just moved when she wants. It’s also not super often. But she is healthy.

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