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What are peoples opinions on the girl names Judith and Sigrid? (Judy and Siggy for short) I already have a 2 year old Rhea (pronounced Raya) and have a boy name I’m sure of but can’t decide on unusual names for girls
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I love both

i prefer Jude as a nickname for Judith, but Judy is also cute. as others have said about Sigrid, I'm not keen on Siggy as a nickname, just due to the association with cigarettes - a different nickname could be cute though! i love Iggy, but Siri or Sisi could also work. 💕

I don't like Judith but if you love it why not

I love Judith, and Jude as a nickname (like the character from The Walking Dead 😄)

I have a Judith for a niece. Not a name I would have ever chosen, but it suits her beautifully (my husband's grandma's name). The old-fashioned names are coming back with force! I love it. (Sigrid is adorable but I agree with the comments about cigarettes. Maybe Iggy (just cut the 's') or something a little different. Beautiful name!).

Yup love both

Siggy makes me think of Cigarette so maybe Ziggy, what about Sybil/Sybilla (Syb, Sibby, Billie, Billa) or Merritt (Merri)

Judith yes

They’re kinda old fashioned.

I like Sigrid a lot but siggy did make me think of a ciggy meaning cigarette. Maybe you could call her Siri?

My great grandmas name was sigrid I kinda low key love it She was German

I think Judith & Ingrid nn Iggy or Ingy would be cute

Love Judy but hearing Siggy id think Ciggie tbh which puts me off x

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