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My husband wants our daughter to carry his grandmother’s name as her middle name. We’d ask her first and I am pretty confident she’d say yes. I love her and would be happy to honour her in this way, I’m just not sure if it would be perceived as an honour? We’re not Jewish but I’ve heard that it’s more generally a superstition to name a baby after a living relative. She’s 89 and I don’t want to offend the family. The family is most French/Belgian. Do you think it’s an issue or that common of a concern? Would you do it?
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My 5th child has her middle name hyphened to accommodate 2 grams who are passed and the first name is a 3rd grams who's passed. Why wouldn't it be an honor? That's how family names continue through multiple generations. As long as whoever you're choosing to naming your child after wasn't a serial killer or pedophile I'd assume it would be at least a nice gesture to keep a name alive.... ? My hubs didn't want a junior when our son was born but he got close they have 2 letters in the first name that are different but have the same initials. My oldest daughters name is a blend between my mom's middle name and a childhood friend that committed suicide that I wanted to honor.

I've never heard that superstition personally, my daughter is named after my deceased grandmother and would loved for her to have been alive to know that. It's also one of my sister's middle names which was given when my grandma was still alive so I don't think it matters

My son's middle name is named after my grandfather and the family love it

My 4th baby has my middle name as her middle name, only because it was the only name that went with the first name I had picked for her

My sons first name is after my partners dad he absolutely loves it and tells everyone lol

They thought my middle sibling was going to be the last grandchild so they got the middle name that gets passed down the other two that have that middle name were still alive. My sibling was named after my grandpa and he was alive.

We did it with my husbands grandma. We take turns. My oldest middle name is my grandmas first name (deceased) My middles middle name is his grandmas middle name(alive) And this one will be something with someone on maternal side of the family(deceased) I haven’t decided yet.

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