Green poop

For the past week or so my 11 week old has had mostly green poo, I've been told it normal and more so as I'm breastfeeding but just seem out of the blue!
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I noticed more consistent green poos with my wee one last week (not just the odd one) and it turned out that he had a cold! There were some other symptoms too later on but for him the first one I noticed in hindsight were the green poos. He is absolutely fine, was a bit congested for a couple of days but luckily didn't even have a fever.

Called the Dr, apparently it is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Can be that baby isn't getting enough fatty milk like raised above. She has asked to take a sample as can also be an indication of a viral infection but he is fine otherwise!

Baby could be getting more fore milk instead of the fatty milk, make sure the feeds aren’t too short on the boob x

I've noticed my little one has green poo when I switch boobs quicker, again normally at night as she falls asleep and want her to have a good feed

Mine too, typically overnight! I just thought it might be down to him feeding less frequently overnight

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