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Okay so I’m on baby number 2. I just got into the second trimester so naturally, to be safe, I didn’t tell anyone yet. Except my mom who drove me to my first doctors appointment and people I live with because well puke. Come to find out my mom has already told most anyone I cared about find out. Like wtf??? My first pregnancy her and her dad announced to everyone, after I specifically told them not yet. I was 10 weeks. This time she swears they all found out on their own. I am 3 states away and don’t regularly call any of them or post myself. And anyone I did call had nothing they could have based a pregnancy off of. And we aren’t even going to talk about how I didn’t even get to tell my own father. 🤦‍♀️ (they are divorced, he lives here 3 states away from them by me.) I don’t believe her. Next time I’m not telling her and I don’t feel bad. I might just show up with a whole ass baby at this point because I’m angry. She doesn’t think she’s wrong. She has a bunch of kids that she got to announce but took the opportunity away from me with both of my kids? Yeah, no if I have more your not find out. Not until I announce it to everyone and you can find out with everyone else. That’s if I feel like announcing it and not showing up with a newborn.
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@Marria wow and she let you get all the way to the delivery room before telling knowing you’re Olán was to show up with a baby 🤦‍♀️ I just can’t believe people

@Marria omg I'd be absolutely livid

My husband didn’t want to tell his side of the family when I was pregnant because he saw a cute video of a couple turning up to a family gathering with a baby and everyone’s reactions were priceless so he wanted to recreate it. His mum was super annoyed about it the whole 9 months and would constantly talk about how unfair it is that I get to tell people (me, the one carrying the child) lmao and that she has to keep quiet. Anyway fast forward to when I actually gave birth, my husband couldn’t wait so we took a cute lion king style video and sent it to all the extended family only to find out that his mum had already told everyone the day before - after he specifically told her not to for months. Sorry to hear that this was taken away from you, it sucks and there is no excuse as it only YOUR news to tell

If y’all want more context here it is. How my mom says they found out. Aunt 1 (found out I was pregnant because last time I talked to her she asked if I wanted more kids soon. I said yes and that I was halfway trying right? Reasonable foreshadowing it could be soon but I told her no. I was 5 weeks. An wasn’t drinking. That’s why she knew says mom. I at not a big drinker in the first place. So she had to have confirmed if she was suspicious) Aunt 2 (my 21st birthday came. She wanted to buy me a drink. I told her don’t worry about it and we’ll drink one together when I fly in next to celebrate, I’m there almost every 2 months. Implying soon we would drink together . My mom says she jumped all the way to the conclusion I was pregnant.) (then all my cousins who are her kids started congratulating me over the phone, they got told in a group chat which sucks because I’m real close to 1 cuz) Aunt 3 (my mom just told.) Aunt 4&5 (not blood but might as well be my mom also just told.)

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