My 3 month old baby wants to be on my boob all day these past few days, she’s been yelling when she can’t be, she’s only content not being on the boob like 2 hours out of the day. She’s usually not like this, she’s also tired all the time now but she fights sleep really hard and I’m starting to not know what to do. I have little to no energy from having to have her on my breasts all the time. She’s not satisfied with her pacifiers anymore and they’re not helping. I don’t know what to do. Have any of y’all experienced this? Any idea of what it could be? Anyway here’s a picture for cuteness
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Ugh same here!! My baby was kind of taking a pacifier but won’t anymore at all now. His need to nurse for comfort all the time is so tiring! Sending energy your way, mama. Wish I had solutions for us both!

there’s a huge sleep regression around 4 months and on my toddler it was brutal. she wouldn’t sleep at night, had to be glued to me during the day. luckily it lasted only about 2 weeks. hang in there! you are doing great!!

She might be going through a growth spurt as well…

@Shannon okay thank youu :)

Ooh wall maybe she’s adjusted herself, she’s not 3-4weeks behind. So put in her date as her birth date then into the appt

@Shannon my baby is meeting the right milestones and stuff for her age but she was born 3/4 weeks early so those apps confuse me because she’s doing everything she’s supposed to at her age but they always think she’s doing less 😂

The leaps are based on due date (10 June, but born 6 June)

LOL my baby is exactly 15 weeks today. Check it out

Following for pro tips, we’re going through the same phase. My daughter is 13weeks today.

@Shannon I’m about to get that app, shes 15 weeks today

Seeking comfort! Is she in a leap? Do you have the wonder weeks app? Mine used to comfort suck all the time up to the age of about 12 wks old

I don't know how to help but I'm going through the same thing right now

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