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Hello. I’m currently 38+6. I had my 1st sweep last night & was 1.5cm but hadn’t felt any contractions etc. The hospital arranged for me to come back at 6:30am this morning to be induced. I had the passerie put in at 7:30am & also had 2nd sweep at same time. Monitor is showing that I’m having mild contractions but they aren’t close enough together/ strong enough. Waters haven’t broke yet. If anyone has any similar stories - when did your baby come? (This is my 1st, I’m so uncomfortable & fed up of waiting)
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My waters have never broke on their own. I was 3cm roughly when they broke them the 1st time and 8/9cm when they broke the 2nd time. Ask if somebody is going to break yours? I started having mild contractions with my 1st on a Weds evening/Thurs got worse and my son was born on the Friday. I don't know if them breaking my waters sped it up or not though? Good luck xx

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