Creeped out by certain family members

I dunno if this is normal but I can't stand my mums husband being around my baby. We've never gotten along and I always hated him growing up, but since I became an older teen and into adulthood we are now civil. I've always had creepy vibes from him but I genuinely think I'm the only person who feels like this. I deliberately don't offer for him to hold LB and so he never has, but any time we see him he's always saying "Oh I'll be getting cuddles next time!" And is always hanging over him constantly saying how handsome he is. I know this is probably normal but it just gives me the ick. Like the thought of him holding my baby makes my skin crawl. Does anyone else have feelings like this about certain people?
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Follow your gut feeling, if you feel something is off or creepy, keep your baby away from him as much as possible! I know somebody who never allowed her children near her uncle and had a strong feeling about him, years later it came out that the uncle was abusing her cousin (uncles nephew) for years and years.. our gut instincts are usually right x

I completely get this. I always get a sense about someone and always follow my gut if I think something is off about them! When I was younger there was a man who started at my work and from the off I said there was something about him that made me feel very unsettled and uncomfortable, I would always avoid him and declined his Facebook friend request multiple times. A few months later he was sacked following an arrest for possessing child pornography! It always concerned me how many people at my work with children accepted his request on Facebook as I just had this gut feeling about him.

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