God I'm exhausted

Just a tired mumma's rant 😓 My five week old was doing so well with his night time sleeps, sleeping from 11-3.30 awake for an hour for a feed change and burp and would talk to himself for 20 minutes while I pumped then I could get him to back to sleep until 7/8. The last couple of nights he's been so clingy and won't go back to sleep unless he's laying on me and then wakes up when I put him back in his bassinet. He's always been clingy through the day and contact naps through the day. So now it's like we're back at square one, week one and I'm holding for like 20 hours a day. It's so exhausting as I can't sleep very well when he's in the bed with us.
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I thought my one week old was bad but I know it won’t last for long and then I will be sad but no one is getting good sleep in our house at night I may have to sleep on couch in lounge as I have access to everything without waking hubby if he is in our bed I can’t function without coffee

Exactly the same over here with my 6 week old! I am exhausted. I downloaded the wonder weeks app and it did say he is in leap 1 and will be fussy for 2 more days so I’m crossing my fingers he goes back to his sleepy night time self by the end of the week 😰

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