Congestion bad at night

Still dealing with congestion only after his night feed. He wakes up an hour after so congested. I do saline and suck before bed, humidifier with eucalyptus and lavender, oilogics vapor bath and chest rub on his feet and chest as other mommas told me to try. I turned the fan off one night, made it worse. I keep it cold in the room. I end up bringing him to my bed and he’s ok but sleeps better with me. I don’t do saline at 3am because he’ll scream and never sleep after that. Any suggestions please?! He’s not sick 🙏
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@Yomara I did, didn’t help :/

Try raising the crib where his head is?

@Melinda oh wow in the middle of the night? Hopefully he outgrows it soon!!

Hi mama! I've heard of doing feeding in the shower?? Because of the steam. My little guy is always snorty when he wakes, regardless of what I try. Our pediatrician says it's normal & he'll "out grow it".

Just read eucalyptus is not safe for babies to inhale. God, i feel horrible now 😩

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