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We’re slowly transitioning to more ‘solid foods’. Baby girl has been having banana porridge mainly every morning for the last few weeks, yesterday I gave her Weetabix as it’s a bit lumpier. Any other ideas to start transitioning to more solid foods or should I just go straight in with a omelette or something 😅
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I do loads of “pancakes” with sweet or savoury as she’s good at eating them, eggy bread, omelettes, the textures are pretty easy for them to eat. Mine started sucking them, and now is eating them a little more gracefully. It was horrendous to watch initially but is getting better 😅

Banana pancakes, omelette, hard boiled egg. We do a lot of fruit for breakfast, so plum, banana, strawberries, peaches. He also likes plain yogurts with mashed strawberries in it. My son will literally eat anything😂

My twins love toast soldiers! Never sure how much actually gets eaten (the aftermath is like the Cookie Monster's attacked my kitchen) but they seem to enjoy it nonetheless. We're doing half and half blw and purees (because I only have one pair of hands, and they seem to want to try what everyone else is having anyway!) Generally that means giving them a finger of cucumber/pepper/pear etc or breadsticks/meltypuffs whilst I prep their puree and whatever our 5yo's having.

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