Laxido woes

Ever since ive found out I'm pregnant I'm having to take 2 sachets of laxido daily because of the constipation I have been suffering. The past few days it appears I've developed an aversion to laxido. I can't take fybrogel or lactulose for other medical reasons if I speak to Dr is there going to be anything else I can be prescribed? I literally start gagginfg and puking as soon as I taste laxido
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Problem is I have medical problems since the birth of my son that means I'm reliant on laxido. Natural remedies don't help

Dates and apricots are good natural sources to encourage thr bowels

I'm also constipated and I increased my vegetables intake and raisins

Not sure I can help but I have major constipation, too. The one thing that’s helped me is every morning with my vitamins, I chug 2 table spoons of Metamucil with water. Also, benefiber occasionally.

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